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Overland Park Notary Services

1UPS price for notary public services is current as of April 21, 2018. Overland Park Notary Services (SM) is not affiliated in any way,

shape or manner, with UPS.

2The quote above has been copied directly, word for word, from another website offering the exact same services.

No part of the words quoted were changed. It is meant only for the purpose of price comparison and is certainly not meant to be derogatory

or imply inferior service of the other party. Overland Park Notary Services (SM)is not affiliated in any way, shape or manner,

with the party quoted above. Prices listed in the above quote were current as of May 11, 2017, 11:00pm.

On-Site  and  Mobile   Notary Public

Services Offered and fees

On-Site Notary Services $5.00  FOR each signature notarized per document or per document certified as an exact copy (Example: Two documents copied onto one page, like a driver's license and passport photo page, equates to two items certified for fee purposes, thus the fee in this case would be $10.00 total for the two items certified as true and exact copies of the original - UPS charges Up to $9.95 each)*

NOTE: REAL ESTATE/MORTGAGE/CLOSING/LOAN PAPERWORK OF ANY  LENGTH INCURS THE $45 FEE  without exception  and is not mobile notary eligible.

The following documents may be notarized as either sworn to  acknowledged by, or as certified copies : Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Last Wills and Testaments, Immigration Paperwork, Certified Exact Copies of Documents, Contracts, Personal Letters, Bills of Sale, Vehicle Title Transfers, Deeds, Loan Paperwork, House Closing Paperwork, Real Estate Loan Paperwork, and any other such paperwork that is legal to be notarized and may not be listed here. However, items such as Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and School Transcripts, are illegal to notarize, as are any documents normally certified by a federal, state or other entity as being exact and correct copies; educational diplomas are able to be notarized as certified copies, howeverTo notarize a document, all parties signing the paperwork must be physically present and have government issued photo identification. There are no exceptions.

* $5.00 per EACH SIGNATURE that has to be witnessed and acknowledged and/or subscribed and sworn to by the notary. Therefore, if the document requires multiple signatures (even if those signatures are the same signature from the same person), the fee charged is $5.00 PER EACH SIGNATURE NOTARIZED PER DOCUMENT. Documents certified as exact copies are $5.00 per document certified.

Mobile Notary Services ($45.00 all-inclusive fee)* The Lowest fee anywhere!

We are pleased to offer mobile notary service by appointment, SIX days a week. Mobile notary service is when we come to you if you prefer instead of you coming to our home-office and is available by appointment only in Overland Park for a flat $45.00 fee.* *(Simple notarizations only... mobile service is not available for passport, OCI Card or real estate work. Notary services for real estate loan, mortgage, or closing papers is available on-site only for an all-inclusive flat fee of $45.00.)​Unlike other notaries in the area who offer mobile notary service, our price is all-inclusive and  includes 30 minutes of time on-site, (with an additional $10.00 fee per 15 minutes thereafter), travel, and all of the notary services that may be needed upon arrival. You will not find lower fees anywhere. Our mobile notary service includes businesses and residences anywhere within Overland Park, Kansas. This includes all Overland Park Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Assisted Living Facilities that are listed elsewhere on this website.Once again, real estate closing paperwork OF ANY LENGTH, and mortgage paperwork OF ANY LENGTH, is not available for mobile notary service and must be completed on-site for the $45.00 flat fee to be applicable.OCI CARD paperwork must be completed on-site and is not available as a Mobile Notary option.  Call or click here to email for an appointment for mobile notary services.

Our Fees and How they Compare to Other Notaries

Our fees are extremely low. Why? Simply because we offer service as a part of our home based office. Our fee for on-site notary service is $5.00 per document notarized or copy certified as true and exact. (Real estate loan and closing paperwork OF ANY LENGTH on-site is $45.00, due to the extensive liability and the amount of work necessary for such items by the notary for correct processing.)  UPS  charges $5.95 - $9.95 per signature notarized in at least two of their stores in Overland Park.1That being stated, other notaries charge higher fees from their home based offices which we consider, quite frankly, excessive.

Here are some direct quotes regarding prices from one such Overland Park Notary in private practice

allowing you to compare to our prices (to be clear, the prices below are NOT us, but another notary in our area):

"...during regular business hours costs $10 per person for the first notarization. Additional notarizations are $5 each, per person. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. After regular business hours, $20 per notarization/per person notarized. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Mobile notary services to a home during regular weekday business hours begins at $50; this fee includes up to 5 miles travel, one way. The cost of notarization(s) is additional to the travel charge. Mileage beyond the 5-mile radius is $3.00 per mile; and notarizations bear $5 each.  

Mobile notary service to a business will vary, depending on location, security clearances required and parking availability. Kindly give 24-hours notice for mobile notary requests. These fees apply to notary service during regular weekday business hours. Weekend, holiday or rush/same-day appointments will be double. Prior arrangement required.

Mobile notary services to a hospital begin at $75; this fee includes up to 5 miles travel, one way, and one notarization. Ten minutes of wait time is included in this fee; if additional wait time is required, it will be an additional fee. Additional mileage is $3.00 per mile and additional notarizations are $5 each per person. Additional fees will apply after hours, weekends and holidays".2

Overland Park Notary Services
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